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VXL Personal

Started with 3 employees – now a strong medium-sized company with over 300 employees

The best people for your business

Before we start working together, we hold an extensive discussion so that we know exactly what your needs are.
A contract is an exchange of trust and ensures that both parties work professionally.
Our motto is: the less you hear from us, the fewer problems there are. We act in the background and have your back.

At a glance...

• 24 hour service

• Reduced personnel costs

• Emergency teams of mobile workers in case of unexpected work peaks

• Domestic transport guarantees punctuality and reliability

• Safety briefing and occupational health checks in accordance with ArbschG, ASiG and BGV by third-party OSH engineering officesf

• Internal specialist and safety instructions

• Transparent service and honest partnership

Cooperation opportunities

and plant-specific

Framework Agreement for Temporary Employment Basis: Temporary Employment of Employees Account: per employee and hours worked

Service contract Basis: Provision of services with authority to instruct hired personnel Invoice: per hour worked (as an example)

Contract for the execution of works and services Basis: performance-dependent, guaranteed and independent assumption of the complete functional areas Billing: performance-related and performance-dependent

Onsite Management Basics: Employee Provision, Onsite Service. Customer service. Personnel requirements planning, organizational processing and onsite employee training. Billing: per employee and hours worked.

Contact information

+49 6331 / 7252-420


+49 6331 / 7252-420

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Write us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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